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Starting a Medical Staffing Company: Huge Growth + Profitability Potential!

Starting a medical staffing company is more prosperous than before. The nursing/healthcare shortage is projected to continue increasing until the year 2025. Hospitals, nursing homes, and over fifty other types of medical facilities are desperate for resources to help them find qualified healthcare professionals. Medical staffing is an $11.1 billion industry with a projected 7%…

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Why Are Travel Nurses Valuable to Hospitals?

Travel nurses are central to the medical staffing industry. For most medical staffing agencies, travel nurses are becoming a bigger profit center, accounting for more staffing placements. What are Travel Nurses? Rather than working at one hospital on a full-time, permanent basis, travel nurses’ positions are short-term assignments at various facilities throughout the country. Travel nurses…

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Medical Staffing Industry Market: An Overview

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture. With employment rates climbing faster in the healthcare industry than the overall economy, hospitals are eager to hire new employees. To bring this plan to fruition, medical staffing agencies are more important than ever. Who’s Included in the Medical Staffing Industry? In order to explain the landscape…

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Should Your Staffing Company Open A Medical Staffing Division?

For professionals in the staffing industry, it’s important to respond to trends in your respective industry. But, it’s also important to keep an eye out for other industries that may offer greater economic opportunities. Among the major staffing industry sectors– medical, labor, and IT– the medical staffing industry is the most lucrative. With over 225…

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How Established Medical Staffing Agencies Benefit from MSC Support

The landscape of the medical industry is constantly evolving. Doctors and biomedical engineers are always pushing the boundaries of medical technology, seeking new ways to provide care for Baby Boomers. As new medical positions are created to provide this type of care, medical staffing agencies must adjust their perspective to meet the changing needs of hospitals. For new…

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Senior Care Agencies Vs. Senior Care Franchises

As Americans continue to grow older, there are numerous opportunities in the healthcare industry to meet their growing needs. One growing sector of this industry is the senior care market. Owning a senior care agency is a fulfilling career that assists senior citizens, all while earning income. Contrary to popular belief, senior care agencies can…

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Travel Nurses: How They Can Help Your Medical Staffing Agency

Today, hospitals require many resources. While new diagnostic systems are a welcome addition to hospitals, technology is not the most desired resource. Qualified nurses are much more highly sought after in the medical industry.  At Medical Staffing Consultants, we can confirm the current opportunities at medical staffing companies including travel nurses.   What is a…

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4 Reasons New Medical Staffing Agencies Need Continuous Support

Opening a medical staffing agency is a noteworthy accomplishment. After taking months to prepare your company, formulate brand identity, build a website, secure an office, and get the appropriate funding, your efforts have come to fruition. However, the hard work has just begun. Even after extensive training, there are still multiple skills that can only…

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How the Healthcare Employee Shortage Affects the Medical Staffing Industry

Medical staffing agencies rely on the need for professionals in the healthcare industry to continue expanding. With a prosperous and bustling healthcare industry, medical staffing agencies have endless opportunities for employees in all vocations. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is expected to continue growing at a rate of 22% through 2024; this bodes well for individuals planning on starting…

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6 Reasons to Not Own a Medical Staffing Franchise

You’ve decided to enter the medical staffing industry.  The ideal medical staffing agency owner can build a successful company with high potential for growth. There are two paths aspiring agency owners take: a medical staffing franchise or non-franchise.  Before selecting a certain path, it’s important to determine which is right for you. In this post, we’ll discuss why…

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