Medical staffing agencies rely on the need for professionals in the healthcare industry to continue expanding. With a prosperous and bustling healthcare industry, medical staffing agencies have endless opportunities for employees in all vocations. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is expected to continue growing at a rate of 22% through 2024; this bodes well for individuals planning on starting a medical staffing company. The article below provides more information about the relationship between the prosperity of the healthcare industry and the success of the medical staffing industry.


Why The Healthcare Industry Is Growing

1. Need to Treat Chronic Conditions

Illnesses and conditions like diabetes and obesity that remain with an individual throughout life are not easily treated.  When people grow older with these conditions, the potential for complications increases dramatically. In some circumstances, treatment of these conditions may take place over a prolonged period.  As a result, the need for healthcare professionals across the country will grow significantly. Thus, starting a medical staffing company will help meet the changing staffing needs of hospitals.

2. Support for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers, the children of WWII veterans born between 1946 and 1964, comprise the second largest group of individuals in the U.S. As they grow older, they too develop more health issues which, in turn, requires more care.

As a result of this increasing population of older people, hospitals must allocate resources toward accommodating them, requiring more nurses and other relevant personnel to provide care.

Additionally, the baby boomers who worked as nurses will continue to grow older and eventually retire; this means more opportunity for staffing agencies to fill care needs for retiring healthcare professionals.

baby boomers around kitchen table
baby boomers working out

3. Longer Life Expectancy

With medical technology improving, doctors are discovering new ways to help people with chronic conditions, leading to a longer life expectancy. Increasingly more people are entering the latter stages of life.  As this trend continues to rise, starting a medical staffing company will become an increasingly lucrative investment.


4. Nurse Shortage

There are not an overwhelming number of nurses out of work. There is, however, a high demand for nurses because healthcare institutions lack proper staffing.  Another reason for the nurse shortage is a lack of nurse educators resulting in a larger percentage of nursing school applicants being rejected for admission into nursing programs.


What This Means for Staffing Agencies

1. More Healthcare Facilities Looking For Employees

With an increased demand for higher standards of care in hospitals and other medical facilities, qualified employees are needed. As hospitals hire temporary and permanent employees, they will certainly continue to utilize the services of medical staffing agencies. That said, it is the best time to start to build relationships with healthcare facilities by starting a medical staffing company.

2. More Nurses Looking for Positions

As educational institutions address the lack of nursing programs and qualified faculty, more students will be able to pursue nursing degrees, leading to a surge of qualified personnel to respond to the demand for nurses.

nurse job interview


With the right approach, and knowledge your medical staffing agency could successfully place many nurses, building a better future for the healthcare industry and your agency. Medical Staffing Consultants assists people who are eager to succeed in starting a medical staffing company; we assist new staffing agencies through the creation and development of their business, and help them to achieve continued success in the industry.