Today, hospitals require all of the resources they can get. While new diagnostic systems are a welcome addition to any hospital, technology is not the most desired resource in the medical world. It is actually qualified nurses that are the most sought after. At Medical Staffing Consultants, we can confirm the opportunities that a medical staffing company currently has.

One answer to shortage is travel nurses. In this post, we’ll explore how your medical staffing agency can help the shortage and see business growth by utilizing travel nurses.


What is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses have the same skill set and qualifications as permanent nurses. However, instead of remaining in the same job throughout the year, travel nurses rotate to different facilities throughout the country.

In most cases, they work 13-week shifts. This means that they must relocate every 3-4 months. Their destinations are determined by their expertise. They are sent to whichever facilities are lacking professionals with their specialties. While the idea of constantly traveling might seem off-putting to some, others consider it a perk. It can be seen as a great opportunity to experience life in different parts of the country.

Medical staffing agencies are frequently asked to fill travel positions, but don’t understand all the moving parts involved. Our experienced team of medical staffing consultants can help new agencies adjust to these opportunities.


Why Travel Nurses are Replacing Conventional Nurses

Travel nurses are far more accessible than conventional, permanent nurses. Additionally, with a high demand for nurses, a medical staffing agency has a greater opportunity for success.

With constantly changing needs, facilities need employees they know are competent in their specialized skill. Because they are endorsed by medical staffing agencies, travel nurses have established credibility. As temporary employees, they are also not the long-term investment that their permanent counterparts are. Travel nurses are cheaper for facilities than their permanent employees.

As of ten years ago, even large urban hospitals like Charleston Medical did not have a need for travel nurses. Baby boomers did not have the healthcare needs that they have now, and institutional restrictions were not as limiting.

This year, Charleston Medical will have spent $12 million on travel nurses.


How Travel Nurses Help Your Medical Staffing Agency

We at Medical Staffing Consultants are confident that the nursing shortage will give staffing agencies ample opportunities to make placements. Medical staffing agencies have the ability to make this placement process seamless for both nurses and hospitals or other facilities.

Independent medical staffing agencies are better prepared to accommodate these needs than franchises. The restrictions imposed by franchisors prevent geographic and inter-market growth. Independently owning a medical staffing agency will give you the most profitable opportunity.

Medical staffing employee searching for candidates

According to the Staffing Industry Analysts survey, travel nurse revenue grew by 23% for medical staffing agencies in 2016. Another survey insight was that staffing agencies have recently shifted from primarily providing paid housing to granting lodging stipends. This takes a tremendous amount of stress off of medical staffing agencies as they will not have to make housing accommodations.

Large facilities such as hospitals, do not have the time to recruit these travel nurses themselves and will reach out to their staffing agencies to fill these positions. A lot of staffing agencies have a hard time understanding all the moving parts involved in this which Medical Staffing Consultants can help you with.


Why Work with Medical Staffing Consultants?

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