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MSC understands that learning about the medical staffing industry and the services MSC can provide is an exploration process. We are here to provide this information at your pace and to help you explore all of your options as you embark on the new journey of starting your own business.

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Financing our fees and working capital to run the business

If the funds to finance the costs of our fees and working capital to run the business are not readily available to you, we do offer 3rd party financing to meet these costs. To be eligible for some types of loans, a minimum credit score of 690 is required, and/or financial assistance from spouses, family, friends, or having a silent or working partner. Another option is the use of some type of retirement fund. In certain cases, these retirement funds can be used, tax free, to start a new business. Home equity loans are also an option depending upon your available equity, your credit score and overall financial situation. We may also be able to refer you to a company that can offer a limited time, 0% credit card, convertible to cash. We encourage you to be honest about your financial situation to determine your eligibility for any of the above financial sources. If our services are beyond your financial reach right now, please know our door is always open in the future when/if your financial situation changes.

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