Medical Staffing Consultants (MSC) assists entrepreneurs in launching, operating and growing successful medical staffing, recruitment, and home care companies.
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What is an MSC Staffing Company?  As an MSC owner, you will be able to recruit and place healthcare professionals within a wide variety of healthcare facility settings, either on a permanent placement (direct hire), per diem (contract), travel or home care basis.  You will be able to offer clients a host of flexible, cost-effective, staffing and recruitment services, while at the same time providing healthcare professionals access to top-paying, rewarding jobs.  • You will be able to offer jobs to over 100 varieties of healthcare professionals: from nurse  practicioners to pharmacists; physician assistants to therapists; as well as administrative professionals.  • You will be able to accommodate a wide variety of healthcare facility settings, including: hospitals; nursing homes; assisted living facilities; schools; sub-acute centers; physicians' offices; clinics; home care agencies; city/state/federal contracts; and many others.
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